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JOOLA Seneca PickleRoll 14mm

JOOLA Seneca PickleRoll 14mm

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Experience unmatched performance with the JOOLA Seneca PickleRoll 14mm Pickleball Paddle. Its advanced fiberglass drive surface delivers optimal power, precision, and control on the court. With enhanced sweet spot and 14mm thickness, this paddle ensures durability and versatile gameplay for players of all levels. Upgrade your pickleball game with JOOLA's precision craftsmanship and dominate the court with this high-performance paddle.

Key Features:

  • Fiberglass Drive Surface: The paddle's advanced fiberglass drive surface provides optimal power, enabling players to deliver strong and accurate shots during intense gameplay.
  • 14mm Thickness: With a thickness of 14mm, this paddle ensures a sturdy and reliable feel, allowing for consistent performance and improved control.
  • Enhanced Sweet Spot: The JOOLA Seneca PickleRoll paddle is designed to enhance the sweet spot, allowing for more powerful and precise hits on every shot.
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