About Us

Mission Statement: Our mission at PickleRoll is to cultivate an inclusive community of pickleball enthusiasts by providing accessible, mobile court solutions. As a USA-based small business, we aim to nurture a culture of unity and sportsmanship, contributing to the development of local communities while promoting health, wellness, and the love of the game. We stand committed to delivering unparalleled customer service and superior products, breaking boundaries, and ensuring every individual has the opportunity to engage in the pickleball experience, anywhere, anytime. 
Vision Statement: PickleRoll envisions a united and connected community where everyone can enjoy the spirit of pickleball at all skill levels on championship-quality courts at any location. Our vision is to pioneer change, expand horizons, and revolutionize the pickleball industry, one mobile court at a time.
PickleRoll was invented and is manufactured by small business owners from Knoxville, Tennessee. Our extensive experience in building and surfacing sports courts dates back to 1999 and covers an array of locations across the United States.
As Pickleball began to explode in popularity and the demand for courts grew, we began resurfacing tennis courts to pickleball courts for professional sporting events and then resurfacing the courts back after the events. This evolved into the invention of the PickleRoll that now provides a temporary or permanent option, yet still delivers the same industry-standard professional surface. This option has opened up a tremendous amount of possibilities for the sport of pickleball for larger indoor/outdoor events, different venues for tournaments, private home courts on driveways & garages, school and gym options, and versatility of spaces that can change with the seasons or remain year-round.
PickleRoll is passionate about the sport of pickleball and thrilled to see the continued growth and social aspect that pickleball brings in both a fun, recreation setting as well as a professional sport setting. As small business owners, PickleRoll is proud to source all materials and manufacture in the United States in support of other local businesses.