Allyce Jones

Allyce's Story

The journey of our pro player, Allyce Jones, into the world of pickleball is truly inspirational. In 2020, she wore multiple hats as a wife, mother of three, high school teacher, head volleyball coach, and owner of a volleyball club. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, she found herself teaching her students online and caring for her children at home while managing the stress of running her volleyball club.

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Allyce's mother suggested a visit to the high school gym to play a game called Pickleball, which she had discovered on YouTube. Allyce, along with her husband Ryan, parents, and a few other teachers and staff, began playing daily to maintain their sanity. Over time, Allyce developed a deep love for the sport and continued to play daily.

She ventured into local tournaments with her mom and brother, consistently reaching the podium. Recognizing her potential, Ryan saw that Allyce was becoming one of the best players in Utah. Although she had not initially aspired to become a pro player due to her teaching career and family responsibilities, Ryan sensed something special in her. As a birthday surprise, he arranged for a lesson with local pro Callie Jo Smith.

Upon returning from the lesson, Allyce shared her newfound confidence in her ability to compete at the pro level. Ryan's response was a knowing smile, affirming that his gift was meant to help her recognize her potential all along.

From that point on, Allyce dedicated herself to rigorous training, waking up at 5 am every morning to train until 7 am. Afterward, she would teach her high school students, engage in after-school extracurricular activities with her children, and then return to her training regimen in the evenings. She maintained this demanding schedule throughout the year and made her debut in pro events in April 2021.

In 2022, she signed with the PPA Tour and achieved another significant milestone in December 2022 when she was drafted into the Major League Pickleball Premiere league. Allyce has cherished every step of her remarkable journey and currently holds the prestigious rank of #8 Female player in the world.

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