Allyce Jones, PPA Pickleball Pro 

Allyce Jones playing Pickleball

“The first time I played on a Pickleroll, I was amazed how it played exactly like a regular surfaced court. The ball bounced the same and the texture of the court was identical. The fact that it’s portable makes it even more unique. I love that no matter where I move to, I can take my court with me.  I would highly recommend one!”


Dave Flemming, PPA Commentator  

"It plays the way you want it to play, the highest-level players are playing on it, it feels right, and the way the ball comes off is amazing."


Jennifer Jenson, Pickleball Player 

"It feels great! It doesn’t give, it doesn’t spring up, it just feels awesome."


Catherine Parenteau and Irina Tereschenko, Pro Pickleball Players 

"It feels just like a regular court, just like the PPA. We put a lot of spin on the ball, and the surface responded really well to it. We were on a roll on the PickleRoll!" 


Don Stanley, PPA Referee 

"I never heard one complaint from a player. It was smooth, and I didn’t see any skidding or sliding. The surface is great."


Pickleball Enthusiast, Red Rocks Open Attendee 

"It is a GREAT addition to any indoor or outdoor facility. The PickleRoll plays great, just like a regular court!"