Warranty Info

PickleRoll provides a 3-year manufacture warranty that covers any manufacture defects of the surface. Installation is also covered under warranty when completed by PickleRoll. 

Note: The manufacture warranty does not include general wear and tear, product misuse, or routine maintenance.  

Best PickleRoll Practices: 

  • Sweep or use a blower to remove debris from the PickleRoll on a regular basis: this will help prevent damage & stains 
  • Ensure proper drainage: standing water is damaging to any indoor/outdoor surface over time 
  • Wear proper non-marking shoes to prevent damage and marks to the PickleRoll 
  • Maintain the life and aesthetics of the PickleRoll with a top coat every 3 years 
  • Ensure DIY installation and breakdowns are done properly to prevent damage 
  • Use the included repair kit for minor touch ups and repairs 
  • For temporary PickleRoll courts, ensure proper dry storage when not in use 

If you have a warranty request or question, contact the PickleRoll team at 877-9-PICKLE or email info@pickleroll.com  

Image of a PickleRoll in standard colors in use at Miami PickleJam