PickleRoll Tournament & Event Rentals

PickleRoll Tournament & Event Rentals

Image of PickleRoll court in the NYSE office

Rental options are here! PickleRoll rentals are great for tournaments, events, pop-ups, and fundraisers. 

PickleRoll Options Available for Rentals (all rentals are Rally Blue): 

  • PickleRoll 20x44’  
  • PickleRoll Pro 28x60’  
  • PickleRoll Tournament 36x60’ 

Accessories available for Rentals:  

  • Professional Pickleball Net with posts 
  • Pickleball Barriers 

Additional Costs: 

  • 2-way shipping costs (to and from the venue) 
  • Installation and breakdown fees  

Every event is unique! Contact as at 877-9-PICKLE or info@pickleroll.com for a customized quote! 

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