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ERNE Pickleball Machine

ERNE Pickleball Machine

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Introducing the ERNE Pickleball Machine – your ultimate training partner designed to elevate your game. Focused on delivering a personalized playing experience, the ERNE offers a substantial array of customizable drills and shots. Adjust speed, spin, elevation, and sweep to suit your training needs and enhance your skills on the court.

Easily initiate drills using ERNE's user-friendly phone application, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. Unique to the ERNE, choose between battery or AC power for versatile playing conditions. Enjoy up to 6 continuous hours of play with the lithium long-life battery, ensuring you never have to worry about losing power during your practice sessions.

The ERNE comes equipped with 25 default drill types and 28 unique court locations, all selectable with a simple touch of a finger. Control your session effortlessly with the included remote control, allowing you to pause, start operations as well as make adjustments to speed / spin / frequency and location from anywhere on the court at no extra cost.

Terms & Conditions of Purchase:

By purchasing the ERNE Pickleball Machine, you acknowledge and agree that there is a lead time associated with this product. You will be promptly notified via email once your order has been shipped. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to ensure your product is delivered with the highest quality and care. Thank you for choosing the ERNE Pickleball Machine to enhance your training experience.

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